Stampede Mesa

Article II


Sunset 007

Our second foray into ghostly animals brings us to Crosby County Texas.
A local legend of vengeance begetting vengeance could best sum up the events of “Stampede Mesa”.

It is said that the Mesa, a 200-acre plot of land mounted on a high, flat peak (hence “Mesa”), was a popular site for cattle drivers to set up camp in the mid to late 1800’s.
One fateful night, a group of cowboys and their foreman sought refuge on the Mesa, but were there met by an old nester, leisurely letting his 40 cattle graze on the fruitful land.
Along the north end of the mesa, the old man had built a crude barbed-wire enclosure.
This mesa was his now, as far was he was concerned, and the arrival of a stranger’s cattle was not exactly an appealing one.

Approaching the foreman, he said bluntly:
“It’ll cost ya 2 bits a head to put up pasture here.”

The foreman, with his nearly 1500-head herd and small brigade of cowboys under his employ, suddenly found himself facing a delicate tactical decision.
Should he pay the old man this ludicrous charge? Or, given the circumstances…

“We’ve got 1500 head and you’ve got some boards and wire. Cut out or it’s your carcass.”

And so, the old man permitted them, but not for long.
As dusk fell, the old man, donning a slicker and mounting his mule, decided the foreman and his cowboys would pay for stiffing him, in one way or another.
Under the cover of night and brush, the man found his way to the outer boundaries of the foreman’s herd.
When the deadest, stillest hour of the night struck, the old man began firing his rifle and howling at a wolf’s pitch.

The cattle were, understandably, shaken.

The Mesa, being a mesa, offered many perilous pitfalls and a sheer, suicide drop on three sides.
The startled herd ran to its doom over the edge, leaving only 300 alive and taking with them a couple of the foreman’s men.
When the foreman and his remaining men took stock of their situation, they decided the treacherous nester would reap exactly what he’d sown.
Spending what may have been days tracking the old man down, they quickly brought him back to the Mesa.
They bound his arms and legs, and tied him to his mule.
The mule was blindfolded.
A couple of shouts and rifle shots, and the frightened beast charged over the ledge, taking his murderous owner with him.

Evidently locals say the eerie sounds of this century-old event can still be heard to this day, trampling hooves and ghostly herds charging about in the middle of the night.
But of course, we at Paranormal Supplies have never been there. 
So, if you have a Stampede Mesa story, share with us your paranormal experiences!



A Post From the Editor

Article I

I would imagine we’ve all had some encounter or another with an apparition of some sort, regardless of whether we realized it.
I also think that ghostly animals are a fairly common sight. Domestic animals, such as cats, dogs, and birds, appear to be especially prevalent.
Perhaps it’s that these creatures were so friendly with humans in life, making them less shy about appearing to us afterwards?
Here, we will begin a series looking at ghosts, animals, and ghostly animals.
I’ll share with you an experience I had in early childhood, one that is particularly vivid even all these years later.

I was very young, probably not even five, and visiting my grandparents’ house.
I must have fallen sick, or had a severe headache (these were, and often still are, frequent events for me).
Whether my physical condition was relevant to this story I do not know, but I do remember that it was very late, as the only light in the house was coming from the bathroom, where my grandmother was searching the cabinets for medicine for me.
I stood in the doorway, facing out into the darkness of the hall, when I noticed a large and pitch-black cat slink out of the shadows.
I clearly remember seeing its eyes shimmer as it looked at me, and the pink of its tongue as it hissed and ran away. I never saw it again.
My grandparents did, at the time, keep a pair of cockatiels, but no animal on four legs ever lived in that house.

Has anyone else encountered such mysterious beasts? We'd love to hear your story.


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