What Is Automatic Writing?

Its Origins and History

In the 1800’s epidemics were prevalent throughout America. Cholera swept through towns, villages and cities, killing thousands. Modern medicine was in its earliest stages and often ran the risk of doing more harm than good for the patient. Tuberculosis was common and deadly. In the later decades of the era, the horrors of the Civil War saw many casualties on the battlefield. Out of this backdrop of sorrow there came a deep need for survivors to communicate one last time with loved ones. Automatic Writing was one method that became popular to facilitate this communication.

Automatic Writing is a form of communication with the supernatural or paranormal world, in a similar vein to scrying and spirit boards. It has existed in many ways for centuries, from the shamans and mystics of ancient times to the more modern Spiritualist and Surrealist movements. In this more recent method, participants must lightly hold onto the specialized planchette while asking questions, and the results are relayed to them through the writing instrument as it makes contact with the writing surface.

Used by writers, artists, and paranormal investigators alike, Automatic Writing has produced not only possible insight into the world beyond, but also beautiful stream-of-consciousness poetry and other artistic works.

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